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LG Craven and Sons is a family business created 15 years ago with three partners (Laurie, Jarrad and Brodie Craven). We mainly concentrate our scope of works on civil construction from storm water and drainage to sewer (gravity, pumping and vacuum) to water reticulation (potable and reclaimed). The company has worked for both the private sector and for governmental sectors including Water Corporation, Landcorp, Margaret River, Busselton and Newman Shires.


Key Personnel

All three owners of the business are 100% onsite at all times either in the trenches laying the pipes and digging trenches running paper work or organizing materials etc. This is very rare and means quality of work is directly overseen by all three owners ensuring the job goes as smoothly efficiently and on budget at all times. Having vested interested in the outcome of the job i.e profitability and re-occurrence of work rather than workers on hourly rates with less care normally given to such outcomes over the length of the contract.


Laurie Craven  has been a licensed plumber for over 25 years and been owner operator of backhoes/excavators and trucks for a similar amount of time. Laurie has been involved in all aspects of civil construction from installing simple house connections and hot water systems and septic tanks to excavating and laying gravity sewer at depths over 4.5m and installing water mains in excess of 5km in length. He is also experienced in earth moving and excavations along with clearing and grubbing with a knowledge and sensitivity for local flora and fauna along with aboriginal heritage areas and was regularly in contact with the Webb family during the installation of AMR Shires Reclaimed Water main. Laurie has all relevant NARDA qualifications and WA state license for operating excavators, bobcats, backhoes trucks etc.


Brodie and Jarrad Craven both joined the company as a partners in 2000 after finishing their Bachelor of Science degrees at UWA. Both sons have extensive knowledge in laying all sewer pipelines including gravity, pumping and vacuum at depths from 1 to 4.5m+. They also have in-depth experience in laying water mains both UPVC and MDPE from 20mm service lines to 280mm virgin mains and have all relevant experience in all fittings from valves, hydrants, tapping bands, blank ends and thrust blocks etc. Jarrad and Brodie both have all relevant NARDA qualifications for excavator/bobcat and backhoe. Furthermore, Brodie has up to date PVC handling accreditation whilst Jarrad undertakes the estimations and quotations for works committed to by the company and handles invoicing etc.

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